for Veterinarians and owners of production animals

Livestock animal Health and wellness



Pharos' diagnostic testing services provide assurance and fast turnaround time to production animal owners and veterinarians who specialize in livestock health and wellness. Pharos utilizes mass spectrometry technology which provides superior accuracy and precision without the burden of a large capital investment in diagnostic equipment.

In the Field

Pharos' unique suite of sampling devices provides convenience for sample collection in the field and are ideally suited for livestock owners and veterinarians.  Our microsampling devices are less expensive to ship and results are typically received within 48 hours.

No costly investment in equipment

Unlike our competitors, our laboratory can provide your practice with timely and accurate results without the burden of capital investment in costly instrumentation.  Our testing is far less expensive than our competitors as well and ideally suited for high volume testing needs and multiple analyte panels.

Our Tests

  • Broad Toxicology Screen
  • Wellness
  • Inflammatory
  • Endocrine
  • Individual Analytes